FAQ’s On What You Should Ask Your DJ?

With so many DJ’s on the market it can be difficult to figure out who is the right person to for the job.

All of our DJ’s within the Hampshire DJ Alliance are professionals who will give you the best possible service for your wedding day/reception.

1How many events has the DJ attended and how long have they been in business?

Some DJ’s have been in business for 20 years but may only attend 2 events a month (on average), vs a DJ that has been in business for 5 years and attends 8 events a month on average.

2Has the DJ performed at your venue before?

This is very handy especially as they may know the staff well and also the access and turn around times. Perhaps they also have videos and photos of them in action in your venue?

3 Does the DJ provide references?

Can you find any feedback of events completed. Perhaps they work regularly at another local venue and the manager there can give you a reference to their performance?

4PLI (Public liability insurance) / PAT (Portable Appliance Testing) certificates?

Your venue may require this for your contract and/or for insurance purposes. This is a good way to suss our the professionalism of the DJ as these certificates are not very expensive to acquire, but very important, should one of your guests be hurt or if they damage your venue.

5Is a deposit required to hold your date?

Most DJ’s will require a booking fee to hold the date and payment will usually be due about 1 month before the event. Deposits are usually between 10% and 30% of the balance. Make sure you get a receipt and copy of the contract.

6Does the DJ offer extra options?

Many DJ’s have a range of extras that can really create a wow factor. Most commonly this could include LED uplighting or starlit dance floors. Make sure they are supplying it them selves and not using third party companies and making a profit.

7Does the DJ network with other suppliers?

A good local DJ will be in contact or have knowledge of all the good local suppliers, so make use of their knowledge and experience.

8Does the DJ have back up equipment for your event?

Imagine the scene, your first dance is called or all your friends are dancing away and BANG. The DJ shouldhave an additional sound system, of a similar quality to his.her main system, so make sure that this is the case. Other important items are duplicate playout (laptop/controller) & lighting.

9Can you choose some or all of your own music?

Most modern DJ’s use MP3 technology and also have on site download facilities. Ask if you can supply your DJ with a set list of about 20-40 general tracks as this will take up a lot of the function. Also list songs of artists that you do not want and perhaps add a list of your top 10 favourites as well as specific songs for other guests

10Is there more than one DJ to choose from?

Some DJ businesses employ more than one DJ so the person you talk to or see may not be the DJ that you will get. Make sure it is clear what you will get when booking as you may get a shock!

11Can you meet your specific DJ?

Most modern premium DJ’s will meet you in person often before booking for a planning meeting. You would not invite a stranger to your party, so having that face to face contact is very useful for you and also the DJ. Bring a list of music ideas and logistics of your event with you.

12How will the DJ be dressed?

You would not want a DJ dressed in a tuxedo for a teen party or a DJ in shorts and a t-shirt for a wedding, so make sure that you are clear about what your DJ will wear. most commonly for a formal event this will be a casual suit and shoes.

13Does the DJ take any breaks?

Most modern DJ’s will not require a break, but this is a question worth asking as this is very common with bands. Your DJ may require feeding, especially on an all day wedding booking. Does your DJ smoke and will he be outside with your guests for 10 minutes every hour? If so will he have another DJ behind the decks during this time?

14Is the DJ a full-time or part-time DJ

The majority of DJ’s are part time. It is also quite a hobbiest industry so double check how much time your DJ will have to devote to your event? Imagine if your wedding is on a Friday evening? Will the DJ be working until 5pm, dash home, have a quick meal, sling everything in the car and arrive at your venue for 6.30pm? A full time DJ will be 100% devoted to you and be available day and evening to chat online or meet in person as this is ALL they do which may be reflected a little bit in the price

15Not all mobile DJ’s are the same!!

Beware, a DJ that you hired for your 21st birthday party may be been astonishing, or you may know a guy that DJ’s in a local bar, but that may not translate to the event that you want them to work at. The best thing is to find a specliaist DJ for what you want. This especially applies to weddings as they can be very complicated and require a professional DJ.

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