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You are most probably planning a wedding, party or corporate event and need a good mobile DJ? Well you have come to the right place as the HDA have about 30 of the best DJ’s in Hampshire. We have made tings simple for you, all you have to duo is fill out an enquiry form and it will be sent to all the members that match your requirements. The DJ’s that are not booked and interested in your event will then contact you individually and thats it. Simples! We will not use your information for any other purpose (such as pesky marketing people), so other than the initial email to confirm your enquiry thats all you will hear from us. 

If you need advice however, we are available to chat to free of charge. Perhaps you have a question about a specific member, or are not sure what to book with your venue. Our members have a wealth of experience and are only too happy to help you!