Join the HDA


HDA member requirements:


The HDA is unfortunately an invite only organisation.


You must be forwarded by one member who has seen and worked with you in person and also known professionally by at least one other HDA member. Please contact any member you know in person and get them to email us with your credentials. Many thanks.


For member joining the HDA via 2 existing members you need to qualify for the following:

1: Proof of PLI & PAT & working website.
2: Live in Hampshire or within one county.
3: Have attended at least 50 functions as a professional mobile DJ.
4: Recent photos & videos of your work on social media & your website.
5: Must be on Facebook closed group & post/comment regularly.
6: Must attend at least 6 meetings each year. 12 in total (approx.).
7: Have a positive attitude, realise everyone is different & are not an ego warrior!


Membership is £30 a year and is 100% non profit organisation. All money is invested back in to the HDA.

Payments (following successful application only).


The cost of an HDA listing is £30 per year (£2.50 month) and is required to be a member of the group. You can also choose the 3 payment month period if you want to try out the HDA.

HDA membership options