Talented Wedding DJs

Our vision of a wedding DJ is someone with the musical experience to help you as the hosts to entertain your guests for the evening. We want you and your guests to enjoy yourselves!

Mark and the team focus on the music, not talking

We’ve spoken to lots of clients and one of the biggest fears when booking wedding entertainment is the embarrassing ‘Peter Kay’ style of DJ, who introduces all of the songs and is limited to playing stereotypical ‘wedding DJ music’. We aim to be different!

Your DJ will introduce your first dance and make announcements as requested, but we think it’s much more important to focus on the music.


You aren’t limited to just the standard tunes that get played at every other wedding.  Our team can of course play party tunes, but we can go a bit further than that too.

If there are certain songs that you want us to play, then we will play them. Equally, if there are songs that you dislike, we won’t play them. It’s that simple.

You can compile your song list using our online request system so we have a good idea of your musical tastes.

Elegant sound & lighting

Your DJ will bring a high quality sound system and elegant lighting, all set up in a tidy manner, with the absolute minimum of fuss.

Background music

We offer the option of carefully selected background music during your wedding breakfast to create the perfect atmosphere.