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About the HDA

Our principles

Leave your egos at home!

We have all seen that cheesy outdated DJ that thinks he is gods gift to the dance floor! Well that is exactly what we work against. It’s very easy to become stale and think you are the best DJ in the world, when in reality there are many things that need to be changed or updated. It was said at the start of the very first Hampshire DJ Alliance meeting ‘leave your egos at home’ and this has been our moto ever since.

All members are selected on an invite only basis and have the following:

  • PLI (Public Liability) & PAT (Appliance Testing)

  • Must know at least two existing members

  • Must live & work in Hampshire & attend meetings

  • A good attitude, positive & professional working ethics

  • Have a Facebook account & professional looking website

  • At least 50 events worked & provide 3 recent references

The Hampshire DJ Alliance has gone from strength to strength and as a team we have learnt from one another improving our services for the betterment of our clients. There is no real formality to the group, per say, but we have a very strict code of conduct when it comes to our professional conduct. You will find that our members are are normal people that only want the best for you and will work hard to achieve that.

What we get up to

We tend to chat on Facebook on a daily basis about all things DJ’s and also the local industry news. This is of course a closed ‘secret’ group and none of that information gets shared. We also meet up for a variety of events throughout the year. These include formal seminars and workshops, lunches, evening meals, social events (such as go carting) & our legendary Christmas party.

Additional to that we also meet up at other events such as BPM (Annual DJ convention), ProMobile conference, NADJ & SEDA meetings as well as smaller informal get-togethers. Individuals also work together when one or the other is not booked, which allows the DJ to get fresh advice and critique into his working practices.

Prices vs service

On average our members will charge about £400-600 for an evening DJ set & £700-1000 for an all day DJ booking. Yes you can probably find a much cheaper option elsewhere, but in the Hampshire DJ Alliance will find some of the top DJ’s in Hampshire in our group, which will be reflected in the pricing, so if you are looking for a cheap option then perhaps this is not the website for you? If however you want someone that can deliver a DJ set that your friends will talk about for years to come then you are in the right place.

Looking for a good Hampshire mobile DJ?

You have come to the right place!

Find a good mobile DJ

History of the HDA

The Hampshire DJ Alliance was first set up in 2009 in Southampton as there was not really much opportunity for local DJ’s to get together and share ideas, provide a support network and improve the local DJ industry. Forums had sprung up prior to the HDA, but rather than chatting online the main goal of the HDA was to meet in person on a regular basis, as well as chat on forums and help each other out.

Thinking of booking a DJ?

Ask them the following questions:

Do you have PLI (Public Liability Insurance) & PAT (Portable Appliance Testing):

These are two documents that protect you and your guests should anyone get hurt or the venue gets damaged. If Your DJ’s amp catches fire and burns down your function room or hurts someone, if they do not have PLI then the insurance company may pursue you for damages.

How many events have you attended and do you know my venue?

A DJ may have been in business for 10 years but may only work once a month, so its worth asking what and how may events they have worked at. If they have worked at your venue, then they will know about the access, timings and may also be on first name terms with the staff, which can only be a good thing.

Can you meet me before booking, or at least before the event?

You would not invite a stranger to your event, so why not meet your DJ before or after booking so you can chat about what they can do for you and get a better idea of how they will be on the night. It will pay dividends if you know them personally and can plan your event with them properly, rather than meeting them on the night and handing them a tracklist.

Do you have a backup plan?

Mobile DJ’s work with an array of technical kit and can travel long distances to your event, so ask them ‘what happens if your amp blows up, do you have a spare’, or ‘what happens if you break down, do you have RAC’, or ‘you work alone, if you fall ill on the night, what will happen then?’. A professional DJ will have full backup plan in place for all of those eventualities. The main one is having backup sound & playout, because if that breaks, you will be in silence all night!

What sort of music will you play and can I give you a set list?

This of course depends on your requirements, but every DJ is different, so select the one you like the look of and ask them whether you can give them a setlist and will they take requests. The last thing you want when arranging an 80th birthday is for a DJ to be playing chart all night.

Do you provide optional extras?

Most of our DJ’s have a vast knowledge of sound and lighting systems so can provide a range of extras, such as LED uplighting, dancing on the clouds, mirrorball, early set ups, flames, Monograms, TV’s & projectors, all day DJ, photo booths, custom lighting & theming, dance floors and much more.